Deputy Director Gives Keynote at Joint Royal Institute of Philosophy and Open University Conference 23rd September 2016 Centre News Conference

Professor Kristján Kristjánsson gave a keynote presentation, titled ‘Awe and Self-Transcendence’, at the Owning Our Emotions: Emotion, Authenticity and the Self conference on 21st September 2016. The conference was organised by the Open University in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Philosophy.  The conference aimed to capitalise on the progress that has been made in recent years in the philosophy of emotion, and to draw on work from a range of philosophical traditions to address questions such as: How do emotions, the personality and the self relate to each other?; Is there an ‘emotional self’?; What do our emotional responses say about us, about our ‘character’? You can find out more about the conference at this link. To view Prof. Kristjánsson’s presentation click here.

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