Prime Minister Praises University School of Character 12th October 2016 Character Education

Prime Minister, Theresa May, has recognised and praised the new University of Birmingham School in recent speeches where she has emphasised a commitment to ‘delivering a good school place for every child’. Dedicated to character education, the University of Birmingham School opened in September 2015 and delivers a bespoke curriculum, developed in close collaboration with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, that focusses on character. In a speech, titled ‘Britain, the great meritocracy’, given on 9th September 2016 at the British Academy in London, the Prime Minister spoke about the ‘impressive’ new University of Birmingham School as a great success to build upon, and emphasised the benefits of universities sponsoring and supporting local and new schools.  In her speech at the recent Conservative Party Conference, held in Birmingham 2nd – 5th October, she also highlighted the University of Birmingham School as an example of a school that ‘suits the skills, interests and abilities of every single pupil’.  The Jubilee Centre is currently working closely with the school as part of the Schools of Virtue project to determine 'what works' in character education.

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