Professor Kristján Kristjánsson Publishes in Oxford Review of Education 12th October 2016 Jubilee Centre Publications

Deputy Director Professor Kristján Kristjánsson has published an article on the need to extend an Aristotelian account of flourishing, in Oxford Review of Education. The article can be accessed by clicking here and the abstract for the paper can be found below:

"Flourishing, understood along Aristotelian or quasi-Aristotelian lines as objective eudaimonic well-being, is re-emerging as a paradigm for the ideal aim of education in the 21st century. This paper aims to venture beyond the current accounts and Aristotle’s own, by arguing that both suffer from a kind of ‘flatness’ or ‘disenchantedness’ in failing to pay heed to the satisfaction of certain impulses that have been proven to give fullness to our lives: impulses having to do with awe-inspiring emotional attachments to transpersonal ideals. I thus argue that while Aristotelian flourishing is a necessary place to begin, it is not a sufficient one to conclude, a study of human flourishing, either generally or in classroom contexts; it needs to be extended and ‘enchanted’ in order to do so. That venture does not necessitate an embrace of supernaturalism, however."


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