Prof Arthur and Dr Harrison Present at Conference and Meet Minister of Education in Malaysia 8th December 2016 Jubilee Centre Conference

Professor James Arthur and Dr Tom Harrison presented at the 2016 Leaps of Knowledge conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 30th November. The conference was attended by over 600 teachers from across Malaysia as well as the Minister of Education, civil servants from the Ministry of Education and the media. The conference was organised by FrogAsia and YTL Foundation. This year the conference focussed on character education and the qualities of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. James gave the conference keynote address on the Jubilee Centre’s framework for character education and how it can be applied and adapted for use in Malaysian schools. Tom ran an interactive workshop on priority virtues in education. During the day James and Tom met with the Minister for Education and discussed approaches to character education. FrogAsia have asked the Centre to support them to develop character education learning resources that can be hosted on their online platform which is used in all schools in Malaysia.


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