Centre Publishes Videos of Keynote Lectures from 4th Annual Conference 7th March 2017 Centre News Conference

The Jubilee Centre has published three new videos from the keynote lectures given at its 4th annual conference, entitled ‘Cultivating Virtues: Interdisciplinary Approaches’, which took place in January 2016.

Toward a Richer Understanding of the Moral Life: Three Disquieting Questions About the Contemporary Science of Morality from Professor James Hunter (University of Virginia)

Drawing on the current academic and scientific consensus about the nature of morality, this keynote lecture by Professor James Hunter, questions the dominant conceptual understandings in order to create a clearing in which a richer and more adequate conceptualisation of morality and virtue might be forged.  

You can view Professor Hunter’s keynote lecture below:

Putting Ideals in Their Place from Professor Daniel Russell (University of Arizona)

This keynote lecture by Professor Daniel Russell questions what psychological paths are open to us in order to achieve moral development and what developments can we conceivably achieve along those paths that would count as genuine improvements.

You can view Professor Russell’s keynote lecture below:

Confronting Assumptions and Doctrines that Thwart the Cultivation of Virtues in Teacher Education from Professor Elizabeth Campbell (University of Toronto)

This paper, from Professor Elizabeth Campbell, considers the role of teacher education in cultivating virtues commonly associated with moral and ethical teaching. Using illustrative empirical data from a study on programs of teacher education (plus other professional disciplines), Dr. Campbell addresses how virtue cultivation may be enhanced.

You can view Professor Campbell’s keynote lecture below

You can read the full programme from the conference, and access the full papers given, here.

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