Centre Contributes to a Framework for Character Education in Scotland’s Schools 12th May 2017 Centre News Education

The Jubilee Centre’s Professor James Arthur and Dr. Tom Harrison have contributed to the development of a framework for character education in Scottish Schools in conjunction with Character Scotland. The framework aims to provide a rationale for the centrality of character education in the Scottish context of the Curriculum for Excellence, which is transforming all aspects of education in Scotland. The framework outlines how the cultivation of particular virtues through character education can significantly contribute to the objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence, which aims to foster four capacities in all young people: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. The Framework also highlights the pivotal role of character education to Scotland’s national improvement agenda of achieving excellence and equity in their educational system, to developing their young workforce and to closing the attainment gap.

You can read a draft copy of Framework for Character Education in Scottish Schools here. Character Scotland welcome any comments.

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