Centre Welcomes James Pawelski as Distinguished Visiting Professor 14th June 2017 Centre News Virtue Ethics

The Jubilee Centre was delighted to welcome James Pawelski as a Distinguished Visiting Professor, during the week of 22nd May 2017. For over ten years, Professor Pawelski has served as the founding director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) programme, where he teaches courses on positive interventions and the humanities and human flourishing. He also holds a grant from the Templeton Religion Trust to further his studies on a new project entitled, ‘The Humanities and the Science of Well-Being: Toward a Strategic Collaboration for Understanding, Measuring, and Cultivating Human Flourishing.’

During his visit, Professor Pawelski spoke with each of the Centre’s Research Fellows about their research projects and provided advice on how best to present their findings in ways that are accessible to non-experts on character education. He also gave a seminar on his new Templeton Foundation funded project on the Arts, Humanities and Character Education, and identified potential synergies with our work in the Jubilee Centre. 

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