Centre Makes Major Contribution to DfE Report on Character 4th August 2017 Centre News Department for Education

The Jubilee Centre has made a major contribution to two new reports launched by the Department for Education (DfE). The Developing Character Skills in Schools report is a summary of key findings from the DfE’s research into the provision of character in schools. The research sought to understand how schools in England develop desirable character traits among pupils in order to provide a basis for future policy and research. Research conducted by the Centre, including A Framework for Character Education in Schools, are cited in the underpinning research and policy rationale to the report. Jubilee Centre Director of Education Dr. Tom Harrison was a member of the project steering group for this and another DfE report on Supporting Mental Health in Schools and Colleges.

Some 880 schools across England were surveyed for their character education provision. Overall, the study found a strong commitment from schools to the development of positive character traits of their pupils, with the majority of schools being familiar with the term ‘character education’. The development of desirable character traits is seen by the DfE to not only support academic attainment and employability, but enable young people to make a positive contribution to British society.

 Deputy Director Prof. Kristján Kristjánsson has written this blog considering the findings of the DfE report.


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