Compassion, Empathy and Resilience in Radio Lollipop Volunteers 15th August 2017 Partner News Charity

The Jubilee Centre has recently collaborated with Radio Lollipop, an international charity that gives young people a voice and a choice during their stay in hospital and has over 35 years’ experience of providing care, comfort, play and entertainment on hospital wards.  The work has explored the development of key virtues in Radio Lollipop volunteers and in April this year, Radio Lollipop held its UK Training Weekend on the theme of 'Compassion, Empathy, & Resilience' of volunteers in hospitals. Jubilee Centre Manager, and Radio Lollipop Trustee, Aidan Thompson spoke at the conference about the importance of each of these virtues in hospital settings, as well as considering the tools required to help us develop good practice. This film captures personal stories of Radio Lollipop volunteers which focus on each of the three virtues that the conference sought to promote. Aidan will speak about this collaboration and the importance of a values-led approach to volunteering in a hospital environment at the forthcoming Jubilee Centre annual conference, ‘Virtues in the Public Sphere’.



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