Dr. Harrison Awarded Birmingham Education Fellowship 29th August 2017 Centre News Awards

The Jubilee Centre’s Director of Education, Dr. Tom Harrison, has been awarded the Birmingham Education Fellowship. The award recognises and celebrates individuals whose expertise has made an outstanding contribution to the student learning experience, which encourages excellence and raises the profile of teaching and learning at the University. Dr. Harrison was selected for the work he has carried out in setting up the School of Education’s online MA in Character Education. The specialised programme, the first of its type in the world, is run by the Jubilee Centre and focuses on the theory and practice of human flourishing and aims to equip students with the latest theory and research in character education. Now in its second year, the programme continues to attract an increasing number of new students. The Fellowship will provide Dr. Harrison with an opportunity to undertake teaching and learning related projects and professional development activity, and to share his expertise with colleagues across and beyond the University.

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