Jubilee Centre Contributes to New CofE Report on Leadership 20th September 2017 Centre News Character Education

The Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership has today released a new report, Leadership of  Character Education: Developing Virtues and Celebrating Human Flourishing in Schools. The report, which has been produced in partnership with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues and is underpinned by the Centre’s research, examines the importance of character education and the leadership required to develop it effectively.

Through its collaboration with the Jubilee Centre, the Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership recognises the importance of leadership as the central driver of any school’s approach to character education, and the report explores the practical steps that school leaders can take to create, sustain and embed approaches to character education, through consideration of leadership virtues.

Focusing on the development and celebration of human flourishing in schools, the report outlines the Christian inspiration for the leadership of character education, examines the importance of developing leadership virtues in school teams and provides some practical tools for leaders to use in unpacking the Church of England’s values in their own leadership contexts.

The report was launched at the Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership national conference in Birmingham, where the Jubilee Centre’s Professor James Arthur gave a keynote address.


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