Jubilee Centre Discusses Transforming US Medical Education with Medical College Wisconsin 5th October 2017 Partner News Medical Ethics

From 25-27th September 2017, Prof. James Arthur and Aidan Thompson spent time visiting Medical College Wisconsin (MCW), and the newly formed Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education, discussing the Jubilee Centre theories and methodologies underpinning the Centre’s research into professional ethics and medical education, which is becoming the basis of the Kern Institute’s approach.

During the visit, Prof. Arthur gave the inaugural Grand Rounds keynote lecture to faculty, staff and students, speaking on 'The Role of Character in Medical Education', and referencing the Jubilee Centre's work in medical education and the Virtuous Medical Practice research project.

MCW is developing a '3 C's' approach to medical education; character, caring, competence. MCW is working in partnership with other US Medical Schools as part of the National Transformation Network, and the development of a character-led approach to medical education could br rolled out across the Network in due course.

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