Jubilee Centre Staff Present at AME Annual Conference 14th November 2017 Centre News Conferences

Staff from the Jubilee Centre recently presented papers at the 43rd Association for Moral Education’s Annual Conference in St Louis, Missouri. On the 2nd November, Professor Kristján Kristjánsson gave two presentations; the first was titled ‘The Relevance of Aristotle’s Megalopsychia for Contemporary Debates in Moral Education’. The other presentation was as part of a symposium discussing Professor Marvin Berkowitz’s contribution to character development and education and was titled ‘The Closet Philosopher’. On 3rd November, Dr. David Walker and Professor Stephen Thoma presented a paper titled, ‘Assessing Ethical Reasoning Among Junior British Army Officers’ and Research Fellow Dr. Daniel Moulin-Stozek presented a paper on virtue, titled, ‘A Social Theory of Virtue and its Implications for Character Education’

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