Virtue, Practical Wisdom and Professional Education published 13th December 2017 Jubilee Centre Papers Jubilee Centre

Virtue, Practical Wisdom and Professional Education considers the role an intervention on character might play in pre- and in-service professional education. The study reports on an intervention that was piloted with 1,456 students from 10 higher education institutions across Great Britain. Participants were either pre- or in-service students in the medical, teaching, or legal professions. The report seeks to extend the Centre’s work in professional ethics and is available to view here.

Summary of Key Findings

  • Participation in the interventions resulted in students developing their Virtue Knowledge and Understanding and became more familiar with the theory of virtue ethics;
  • Medical students developed their Virtue Reasoning during the intervention and were more likely to give character-based, as opposed to rules- and/or consequence based, reasons for responding in a certain way to an ethical dilemma;
  • Participating students and tutors found the intervention to be of high quality and of relevant content that complemented existing programmes of study.

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