Professor Kristján Kristjánsson Visits National Taiwan Normal University 30th April 2018 Conference

Deputy Director Professor Kristján Kristjánsson recently visited Taiwan, where he attended the annual conference of the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education in Kaohsiung and gave two presentations; One about Epiphanic Moral Conversions and the other in a Plenary Symposium on Cross-Cultural Approaches to Moral Education. Professor Kristjánsson also visited National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei where he met with the President of the University, Professor Wu (see picture). The President expressed interest in collaboration with the Jubilee Centre. During the visit, Professor Kristjánsson gave a presentation to postgraduate students at the university entitled The Research and Practice of Character Education in the UK: An Example of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. The visit emphasised the interest in character education in Taiwan and the synergies with the Jubilee Centre’s current research. The presentations slides are available here.

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