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On Saturday 12th May 2018, the #CharacterEd2018 conference took place at Lichfield Cathedral School, Staffs. Dr. Catherine Darnell, Research Fellow, spoke at the conference and presented the attached presentation on ‘The Psychological Development of Character’, based on the ‘phronesis’ research project currently being undertaken at the Jubilee Centre.

Other speakers at the conference included Sean Harford, National Director, Education at Ofsted, who spoke about whether it is either possible or desirable to measure character development. In his speech, Mr Harford cited the Jubilee Centre ‘Building Blocks of Character’, calling it one of the most comprehensive definitions of character currently being used in education. Former Secretary of State for Education Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan MP gave the keynote lecture. 

The event was organised by Stephen Lane and Joanne Owens at Lichfield Cathedral School, and brought together those with an interest and passion for delivering character in schools.

Below are images of Mr Harford talking to the Centre’s definition of character, credit Rebecca Tigue (@UoBSCharacter), and of Dr. Darnell responding to Martin Robinson’s speech; credit Jo Owens/Lichfield Cathedral School (@joanneowens).

Above shows Dr. Darnell giving her presentation; credit Jo Owens/Lichfield Cathedral School.


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