Ofsted Praise University of Birmingham School character education programme 25th May 2018 Teachers Jubilee Centre

In its first Ofsted inspection, the University of Birmingham School’s bespoke character education programme has been singled out for praise. In the report, Ofsted highlight the School’s focus on ‘character education’ and recognise that the programme ensures that leaders promote pupils’ personal development well. Ofsted go on to report that ‘the development of a ‘character education’ programme has rightly received national and international acclaim. Leaders promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and British values very well through the curriculum. This includes through ‘personal learning and development lessons.’

University of Birmingham School Principal Mike Roden said: “Having opened just three years ago, it is a real achievement for the University of Birmingham School to receive a ‘Good’ outcome in all categories.   

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, governors, our wonderful pupils and students and our parents and carers, for all the contributions that have been made to secure this validation of our distinctive educational programme.”  

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, Professor Sir David Eastwood, said: “When the University of Birmingham established the School, we wanted to ensure it was a place of opportunity, a place of inclusivity, and a place where pupils could frame and find their ambition.

“For these reasons, character education has been woven into everything the School does. Staff and pupils have worked tirelessly to create a vibrant learning community, inclusive for all, and I am pleased to see the value of this approach recognised and celebrated by the Ofsted inspection team.”

The Jubilee Centre worked with the School to create the Programme of Study when the School launched in 2015, and has recently conducted a lengthy case study of the School’s focus on character in its Schools of Virtue research report.

The Class of 2017 spoke about the impact that the School has had on their own character development in the LEAVERS film commissioned by the Centre last year (2017).

A press release is available here.

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