Character Education in Argentina 13th June 2018 International Visits

Professors’ Arthur and Kristjánsson together with research fellows Michael Fullard and Paul Watts joined Fiona Gatty of the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) on a visit to Buenos Aires to share ideas about researching character education in the context of schools within Latin America. The TWCF is to fund a number of character education projects in Latin America and has encouraged applications for the grants from an initial fund of £15 million. Whilst in Buenos Aires, Michael and Paul presented some of the Jubilee Centre research findings and methods to a mixture of academics and practitioners. The Jubilee Centre group also had the opportunity to visit a local school, the Colegio Buen Consejo, which already explicitly promotes the intellectual, moral and civic virtues that the Jubilee Centre champions and which will become a focus for character research and development, as well as a shanty town which helped the group understand something of the extremely challenging circumstances which some of the students face. 

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