Jubilee Centre Supports the Launch of Catholic Character Education Report 28th June 2018 Publications

On 28th June 2018 the Diocese of Leeds launched a report on Catholic Character Education, which was supported by the Jubilee Centre. In the forward, which was written by the Rt. Rev. Marcus Stock, Bishop of Leeds, the Jubilee centre was commended for the ‘generous sponsorship and support they have provided for this research project in partnership with the Diocese of Leeds’. At the launch, which took place in Wheeler Hall at Leeds Cathedral, the author, Dr. Chris Devanny presented the findings and recommendations of a research study that explored how character education is understood and taught in Catholic schools. The report was well received by head teachers and school leaders from the Diocese of Leeds seeking to progress beyond 'character caught' to the explicit teaching of the virtues through 'character taught'. This progression will be one of the matters discussed at the Diocese of Leeds Headteachers' Conference on 13th September 2018, which will be focussed on 'Practical Approaches to Character Education for Schools'. The Jubilee Centre's Director of Education, Dr. Tom Harrison will be presenting a keynote address at the same event.

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