New Poll Sheds Light on Workplace Attitudes Towards Ethics and Values 13th July 2018 Professional Ethics

As part of the research project Practical Wisdom and Professional Practice, the Jubilee Centre has conducted a UK-wide poll with Populus looking at workplace attitudes towards ethics and values. The poll painted a positive picture of employment in the UK, with over two-thirds (65%) of those in employment suggesting that their job contributes to the common good of society, and 58% stating that they feel there is an ethical dimension to their work. A clear distinction between those who work in the public and private sectors was evident in these results, with 81% of public sector employees feeling their work makes a positive contribution, compared with 59% of those in the private sector. On a less positive note, only 24% of respondents suggested that the work they do is valued by politicians and government, considerably lower than service-users (77%), colleagues (74%) and the general public (51%). Further analysis of the survey results, which included a total sample of over 2,300 participants, is being conducted in-house with a view to publish a cross-profession briefing paper later in the year.

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