Jubilee Centre Staff Meet HRH The Duke of Cambridge at PWA Graduation 19th September 2018 Centre News Awards

On Tuesday 18th September 2018, HRH The Duke of Cambridge visited the University of Birmingham for the inaugural graduation of the Prince William Award. The Award, run by SkillForce, focuses on developing character in young people. 

Jubilee Centre staff, Prof. James Arthur, Aidan Thompson, and Danielle Wartnaby met The Duke as he arrived to the Great Hall and were thanked for their work in character education. During the event, hosted by David Walliams, over 200 pupils, teachers and SkillForce instructors were congratulated for completing the Award. The Jubilee Centre, as the academic partner of SkillForce, undertook an initial piece of research to help shape the Award, and is delighted to have hosted this inaugural award ceremony at the University.

In his speech, The Duke emphasised the importance of developing character in young people to enable them to lead flourishing lives:

‘It (the programme) gives young people the time and space to explore the fundamental aspects of good character and the opportunity to begin to discover who they really are. The award champions the things young people need to lead a happy and successful life – confidence, self-belief and the ability to work with others.

Good academic results are, of course important, but strength of character - the confidence to stand up and be counted and the ability to keep going in the face of adversity are essential if young people are to flourish.’





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