Government Consults Jubilee Centre on Character Education 12th October 2018 Policies

On 5th October Professor James Arthur presented on Character Education and Resilience at a Roundtable discussion in London with Senior Civil Servants from the Department for Education (DfE). The event, attended by leading researchers from a number of disciplinary backgrounds, displayed the ongoing commitment of the DfE to integrating character education into their policy framework. To this end, Education Secretary Damian Hinds spoke about how character should be taught and caught at the Conservative Party Conference on 3rd October; ‘I don’t think you can just walk into a class of 28 kids one day and say today, we are going to learn about character […] Of course you can’t, but these are things you pick up a lot from what happens at school, and in particular, I think, extracurricular activities play an important part’. In addition to the Jubilee Centre’s ongoing work with the DfE, on the 12th October Professor Arthur and Dr Tom Harrison met with senior Ofsted officials to advise on the place of character in the new Ofsted framework. They discussed the implicit and explicit links between character and character education in the four sections likely to be in the new framework; quality of education; behaviour and attitudes; personal development; and, leadership and management.  The draft framework will be published in January for consultation and implemented from September 2019.    

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