Jubilee Centre Holds Character Symposium at SRCD Conference in Philadelphia 22nd October 2018 Centre News Conferences

The Jubilee Centre ran a character symposium at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference held in Philadelphia on the 18th - 20th October 2018. The conference, titled 'Promoting Character Development Among Diverse Children and Adolescents', brought together experts in the field from across the globe for a three day programme of key note lectures, seminars, and symposiums.  The Jubilee Centre's symposium topic was 'Measuring Aristotelian Character Education: Challenges and Opportunities', and three papers were presented: 'A Conceptual Approach to Measuring Virtue' by Prof. Blaine Flowers from the University of Miami; 'Can we Really Know ‘What Works’ in Aristotelian Character Education?' by Director of Education, Dr. Tom Harrison; and, 'Defining and Measuring Phronesis: Developing Understanding of Moral Decision Making' by Research Fellows Dr. Catherine Darnell and Dr. Stephen Earl.  The symposium, which was chaired by Prof. Steve Thoma, University of Alabama, was well attended and generated interesting discussion among the audience. At the same conference Dr. Tom Harrison also gave a paper on the 'Barriers to and Enablers of Parent-Teacher Partnerships in Character Education'.

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