Jubilee Centre Presents Four Papers at AME Conference 13th November 2018 Centre News Conferences
At the recent Association for Moral Education’s 44th annual conference, held in Barcelona 8th – 10th November, the Jubilee Centre held a Symposium in which it presented early findings from three of its current research projects. The Symposium, held on Thursday 8th and titled ‘Research and Development in the Field of Character Education: Introducing the Work of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues’, included presentations from Dr. Katy Dineen on the partnership between parents and teachers for effective character education, Dr. Stephen Earl on the role of moral purpose in the professions, and Dr. Catherine Darnell on an approach to measuring the development of phronesis. These presentations followed an introduction to the Jubilee Centre by Director Prof. James Arthur and Deputy Director Prof. Kristján Kristjánsson. On Friday 9th, Research Fellows Michael Fullard and Paul Watts gave a paper titled ‘A Teacher’s Character: Initial Teacher Education and the Perspectives of Student Teachers’ in which they explored the initial findings from a survey conducted with student teachers as part of the first phase of a wider project on teacher education and character. All of the presentations can be viewed below:
Paper Session:

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