‘Together We’ll Flourish’: The University of Birmingham School Features in The Guardian 15th January 2019 Media & Press

The University of Birmingham School features in a recent article in The Guardian for its approach to promoting equality by accepting students from across four city boroughs. The article, ‘Together, We'll Flourish’ discusses how the school’s catchment system, which is rare in the UK, is a key part of the school’s vision for diversity and inclusion. Another part of this vision is the school’s focus on character education, as founded by Director of the Jubilee Centre Professor James Arthur. Head of School Rebecca Tigue was quoted in the article saying that ‘It’s [/character education is] our way of inspiring and teaching children to lead more flourishing lives by increasing their standards of what virtuous behaviour might look like. We encourage them to show courage, compassion, empathy, justice, honesty, on a day to day basis’. You can read the full report here. There is also a Podcast which can be found here.

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