Secretary of State for Education Uses the Language of Virtue 8th February 2019 Policies

The Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, delivered a major speech on character education at the Rethinking Resilience National Conference in London on 7th February 2019, in which he spoke for the first time about the virtues of character detailing them as including honesty, humility, kindness and courage. The speech took place at the annual Church of England conference.  The Secretary of State talked about virtues several times in the speech stating that they should be cultivated in schools to build character; 'We want you to use strength of character to be good in the world and that is where virtues and values come in. So character must be grounded in virtues'. This is a major step forward in government thinking on character and dovetails with the work of the Jubilee Centre. We welcome this development.  The full speech can be read here

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