The Dangers of Oversimplifying Explanations of Moral Behavior 12th February 2019 Publications

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Professor Blaine Fowers of the University of Miami has written the article titled, The Dangers of Oversimplifying Explanations of Moral Behavior: Robert Plomin’s and Jonathan Haidt’s Excesses, which was published as an Insight Series piece on 11th February 2019. The article emphasizes the fundamental role of intentionality in human behaviour and stresses how important it is that moral theories continue to recognise its significance. This, Fowers argues is particularly important, when considering recent social and political trends. Furthermore, Fowers attests that essentialist arguments which degrade human rationality, such as those offered by Plomin and Haidt, offer little in the way of moral guidance and inspiration. Fowers, therefore, explores a selection of alternative theories which take inspiration from Aristotle and the many contemporary theorists who are appropriating and expanding his ethical theory. You can read the full article here.

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