Jubilee Centre Engages with Schools of Character 15th February 2019 Character Education

In association with Teacher Education project, the Jubilee Centre has been visiting schools in England that have been recognised for their successful approaches to character development. This engagement will inform a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course that will be designed to ensure that teachers are prepared and supported to meet the moral and ethical demands of their roles. This is particularly important considering the recent attention paid to character development in schools by Ofsted and the Secretary of State for Education.

Research Fellows Paul Watts and Michael Fullard  (pictured above with Harleen Assi, Director of Virtues at Ark Boulton Academy) have been meeting with senior leaders, practitioners and pupils in schools to discuss the approaches employed within primary and secondary education settings. So far, three main characteristics of successful approaches have stood out: First, the approaches used are unique to schools, their pupils and particular contexts; Second, school staff work towards a shared school vision through the adaptation and development of their provision in order to find “what works” for them. Third, staff cohesion and strong school leadership have been essential in their success.

Jubilee Centre staff are continuing to engage with schools as part of ongoing projects related to character education. If you are a teacher and are interested in taking part please contact Michael Fullard

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