Jubilee Centre Hosts Delegates from UAE Crown Prince Court 8th April 2019 Jubilee Centre

On 28th March 2019, the Jubilee Centre hosted a delegation from the Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, including Mohamed Khaleefa Alnuaimi, Director at the Education Affairs Office (pictured centre left), Ahmed Mahmoud Fikri, Associate at the Office of Strategic Affairs (pictured far right) and Dr. Hanine Salem, Vice President at BBJ Consulting (pictured centre right). This was an opportunity to discuss how the UAE Moral Education Programme could be informed by the ongoing research of the Jubilee Centre in the field of character and teacher education. After discussing the work of the Centre and its application to schools both in the UK and internationally, Director of Strategic Partnerships Aidan Thompson, and Director Prof. James Arthur took the group to the University of Birmingham School, where they were given a tour by Head of School Rebecca Tigue, as well as introduced to how the School came to be created, and how character is embedded across the curriculum. 

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