Jubilee Centre Hosts Student and Teacher Workshop in Berlin 23rd May 2019 Conferences

On Thursday 23rd May 2019, the Jubilee Centre hosted a one day workshop at Canisius College, Berlin in collaboration with the College and the Centre for Ignatian Pedagogy. Jubilee Centre staff delivered a series of lectures and lessons for attending sixth form students and their teachers from Canisius College and partner schools from Mainz, Bonn and Hamburg. The workshop introduced the A Framework for Character Education in Schools and illustrated how the concept of character can be taught and discussed explicitly within students’ lessons.

Teachers and students attended lectures and took part in discussions concerning the aims of education, how character can be caught, taught and sought in schools, as well as the importance of Cyber-Wisdom. During the lessons, students developed their understanding of virtue, responded to moral dilemmas and were provided with opportunities to relate their learning to their own lives. Teachers had the opportunity to attend the lessons alongside students in order to further their understanding of taught character education.


Photo: Director of Education, Dr. Tom Harrison, poses the question: 'Whose responsibility is it to ensure people act morally online?

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