Prince William Award: A Qualitative Evaluation 12th August 2019 Centre News Publications

The Jubilee Centre has published a qualitative evaluation of the Prince William Award, a bespoke character-led programme through which young people are encouraged to build their character and resilience, run by educational charity SkillForce. The evaluation explored the impact of the Award on the pupils, teachers and Instructors involved in the 2018-2019 programme; responses from all three cohorts were overwhelmingly positive.  The impact of the Award on the character of all those involved was evident in interviews and is highlighted throughout the publication. The Jubilee Centre became SkillForce’s academic partner in 2015 and hosted the inaugural graduation of the Prince William Award in September 2018 at the University of Birmingham, where his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge spoke to graduates on the importance of character development in leading flourishing lives. View the full evaluation report here.



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