Director of Education Presents Keynote in Colombia 5th September 2019 Conferences

On 5th September 2019, Director of Education, Dr. Tom Harrison gave a keynote presentation during the 9th International Conference on the Family at the University of Sabana in Colombia, organised by the Instituto de la Famila. The conference was attended by 600 teachers, parents, academics and policy makers from across Colombia and its neighbouring countries. Tom's presentation was entitled 'Cyber-Wisdom - the Virtue for the Internet age'. The theme of the conference was the Family in the 4th Industrial Revolution. In his presentation Tom argued that character education is the  best way to equip future citizens with the tools to live well with emergent technologies. Central to this educational approach is the requirement to cultivate character and cyber-wisdom in children and young people. In the presentation Tom discussed the theoretical and practical implications of educating a generation of children to live well in an online world worth living in.

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