Jubilee Centre for Character and Values present at Nishkam Trust CPD Day 2nd September 2013 Jubilee Centre Development

Jenny Higgins delivered a presentation on behalf of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values at the CPD Training Day for Nishkam School on 2nd September 2013.  Staff from the Nishkam Schools in both London and Birmingham were interested in the Centre’s work on Character Education. Jenny introduced the teachers to the Centre’s Framework for Character Education, as well as Centre projects currently being delivered in schools including Knightly Virtues, My Character and Thank You Film Awards.

Ranjit Singh Dhanda of the Nishkam School Trust thanked the Centre for the put into their CPD day. Ranjit said, ‘We all found the presentation informative and it helped to put the theme of the day into a wider context. Many of the new staff also commented that the presentation inspired them to extend their class room practice to incorporate character building. Staff and Governors took away the materials left behind for further reference.'

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