'Over the Character Limit' Study - Gratitude on Twitter 16th October 2019 Publications Social Media

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues has worked with Demos and the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) on Over the Character Limit – a report analysing the ways in which moral virtues are discussed on Twitter, and the connections between this discourse and online virtuous action. Following the release of the first excerpt in August 2019, which looked at the use of virtue terms on Twitter, this second excerpt adds to the growing body of work looking at virtuous action online – in this instance, gratitude. The study sought to collect tweets that contained instances of grateful expression, especially in a personal context - ‘thank you,’ ‘grateful for’, ‘made my day’ etc. 1.4 million tweets were collected from over half a million UK-based Twitter users, and it was possible to classify tweets into categories of ‘genuine’ gratitude and ‘non-genuine’ gratitude. The majority of tweets (59%) expressed ‘genuine’ gratitude, with a substantial minority (40%) of all tweets thanking people other than customers. The full Over the Character Limit report will be published later this year. The excerpt on Gratitude is available to read here.

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