Jubilee Centre Cited in Department for Education's Character Education Framework 5th November 2019 Publications

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues is cited in the newly published Department for Education (DfE) 'Character Education: Framework Guidance' (November, 2019). The Centre is cited in the ‘where to get help’ section of the Framework, which sets out non-statutory guidance to schools on character education and development for pupils in England and Wales. The Centre’s A Habit of Service research is also referenced with regards to social action and service being a route to developing character, and that young people aged ten were more than twice as likely to form a habit of service than those aged 16-18 engaging in service activities for the first time.

The Framework guidance is based on recommendations from the character advisory group that Centre Director Prof. James Arthur is a member of.

The London Oratory School, Fulham, is featured as a case study school in the Framework. Dan Wright, Headteacher at the Oratory School, is a Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Jubilee Centre. The School recently produced teaching resources that elucidate the Oratory School’s approach to character.

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