Affiliate PhD Student Presents to Medical Professionals in Arizona 11th November 2019 Conferences

On Monday 11th November 2019, Dr. Sabena Jameel, a practising GP and affiliate PhD student at the Jubilee Centre, delivered a lecture to the Deans of numerous prestigious medical schools in the USA in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Jameel’s presentation, ‘Enacted Practical Wisdom in Medicine’, discussed the potential of virtue ethics and the development of phronesis for those working within the medical profession. Additionally, Centre Director Professor James Arthur offered an introduction to the Centre’s work, as he discussed the role of virtues within the professions. Dr. Jameel’s slides are available to view here.


Photo: Professor James Arthur and Dr. Sabena Jameel with Dr. Joseph Kerschner, the new Chair of the AAMC Board of Directors and Chair of the AAMC Council of Deans

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