Director of Education and Deputy Director attend TWCF Conference 12th December 2019 Conference

On the 4th and 5th of December Dr Tom Harrison and Professor Andrew Peterson represented the Jubilee Centre at the Character, Social Connections and Flourishing in the Twenty-First Century conference.  The invite only conference was in the Bahamas and organised by the Templeton World Character Foundation (TWCF). The conference programme featured highly acclaimed academics including Shannon Vallor, Max Rosser and Nicholas A. Christakis.  Dr Harrison and Professor Peterson, alongside Harvard academic Carrie James, ran a panel discussion entitled Flourishing in the Digital World.  Prof. Peterson chaired the panel and Dr Harrison spoke about how we might cultivate the quality of cyber-wisdom in children and young people through character education. Dr Harrison and Prof Peterson have been funded to work with TWCF grantees to support the conceptual, pedagogical and methodological aspects of their projects on character education.  Many of the TWCF grantees from round the world attended the conferences and are featured in the picture

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