Over the Character Limit Published by Demos and Jubilee Centre 17th December 2019 Publications

Demos, alongside the Jubilee Centre, has published the report Over the Character Limit . This report examines the increasingly important relationship between the internet and the development of character, focusing on the way people discuss moral virtues on Twitter. The report is the result of a study of over one million tweets from the UK in which the terms, ‘courage’, ‘empathy’, ‘honesty’, and ‘humility’. The study explored how these terms were used online and has many interesting findings including that moral terms are widely used on Twitter by UK users, that there is a positive relationship between the use of virtue terms and the performance of virtuous action, that discussion of morality on Twitter differs markedly from its use in other public spheres, and that interaction on social media has a positive effect on perseverance in developing skills. To find out more, click here.


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