Jubilee Centre team up with National Liberty Museum for ‘Torchbearers of Liberty’ project 16th September 2013 Academic Jubilee Centre

We are delighted to annouce that the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values as begun a 33-month consultation with the National Liberty Museum (NLM) in Philadelphia, USA to examine virtues integral to liberty education at the Museum on the 'Torchbearers of Liberty' project. Dr Liz Gulliford, Dr Blaire Morgan and two new Research Assistants, one at the NLM and one at the University of Birmingham, will be involved in this exciting new research which will see virtues such as courage, responsibility, respect, justice and empathy becoming the themes of new exhibits, a new web platform and a school-based programme based at the Museum. We very much look forward to this exciting new venture. Updates on the progress of this project will appear on our website soon.

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