Service Generation - A Demos paper now published 21st November 2013 Publications

Paper entitled Service Generation - a step-change in youth social action now published and viewable online. Links to the publishers website and our own portal, to view the paper, can be found below.

Publisher - Demos

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Values Portal 

"We know that youth social action – practical action in the service of others – can have tremendous benefits for the young people taking part and the communities they serve. Social action includes everything from volunteering, to activism, mentoring, civic participation and fundraising. Tackling tomorrow’s social and economic problems requires a new generation of activists and active citizens raised on social action. Service Generation sets out to uncover exactly what we know about social action in the UK: how many young people take part, the details of what they are doing and the impact it is having on their character and their local communities." - Taken from 

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