Launch of the 2014 Thank You Film Awards 6th December 2013 Events

Is there a person, a group or an organisation that has really inspired you? Have they made your life better or improved your local community? Have they changed Britain or had a big impact on the world? If you could thank them, what would you say?

The Thank You Film Awards 2014 is now open for entries! We are inviting young people between the ages of 5 and 16 to create a short film to say thank you to a person, organisation or group who have made life better in some way. It could be:


  • The story of a local hero – contemporary or historical. How did they contribute to the fabric of the town or local area, and why does that inspire gratitude? 
  • A recording of a class or group doing something practical for someone who doesn’t usually receive explicit thanks, for example working in the garden of someone who does lots of great work in the community!
  • A filmed thank you letter to someone historical or contemporary. It could be to Tim Berners –Lee for inventing the World Wide Web, or to Emmeline Pankhurst for leading the fight for women’s right to vote.

Anyone between the ages of 5 – 16 can enter, and there is no limit on how many young people from one school or organisation can take part. You can enter as an individual, small group or even as a whole class or school, and there will be prizes for both young people and schools. 

We want to encourage young people to think about who or what they are grateful for, and how that affects their everyday life. If you or your school want to get involved, please contact

To view more on the Thank You Film Awards click here.

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