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Online CPD – Leading Character Education

An online character education CPD programme

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Two questions that teachers and senior leaders interested in character education regularly ask are ‘How do you do it?’ and ‘What does a School of Character look like?’ The Leading Character Education in Schools free online CPD programme aims to answer these questions by providing a comprehensive overview of both the theory and practice of the leadership of character education within primary and secondary school settings.

“I will be using this as an ongoing resource to continue to evaluate the effectiveness of my practice.”

PSHE Lead, Primary


This CPD programme has been developed by the Jubilee Centre along with Headteachers and character leads from eight U.K. schools who have first-hand experience of implementing character education in schools. A pilot with over 90 practitioners from six countries showed that 100% of participants felt the programme had impacted positively on their practice and that they would recommend it to others.



The above publications are linked to the CPD programme. Windows Into Schools: Celebrating Character (2020) provides insights into the ways in which 8 case study schools provision for, embed and cultivate meaningful character education. Leading Character Education in Schools (2020) presents the background, development and purpose of the Centre's online character education CPD programme. 

“The overall quality is excellent, the units are focused and clearly targeted.”

Assistant Headteacher, Secondary


The programme has been structured in a way that will help you get the most from your online learning experience. The virtual learning environment supports your journey and enables flexibility. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the research, activities and resources provided at your own pace.

The CPD programme is presented in six modules:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Character Caught

Module 3: Character Taught and Sought

Module 4: Character Outside of the Classroom

Module 5: Staff and Leadership

Module 6: School Community

Each module contains personal and staffroom activities and a self-evaluation task which have been designed to support reflection on your existing character education provision and to guide your next steps. The activities can be completed in your own time and we recommend that you complete them alongside other staff in your school.


“I really enjoyed this CPD and I am excited to spread this practice throughout my Multi Academy Trust.”

Character Education and Personal Development Trust Lead

Each module includes input from schools in the form of videos, filmed on location, and through the sharing of resources which provide you with a 'window into schools'. Questions are included throughout the programme to provoke thought and discussion on your current and/or future character education provision. Further reading and resources are signposted at the end of each module for those who wish to explore the issues further.

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