Since its launch in 2012, the Jubilee Centre has produced a number of short films and documentaries on the subject of character and virtues which have supplemented the work that the Centre has carried out. These include A Question of Charactera documentary which explores the place of character and virtues in the education of young people today, and society at large. You can view the films below by clicking on the images.

All Centre films are available to view on the Jubilee Centre’s  Channel.
Getting Into Character (2018)
Flourishing From the Margins (2017)
What Would it Take for Society to Truly Flourish? (2017)

What is character? How do actors ‘get into character’? This video presents how we can learn about character from all of the stories that we watch, read and hear on film, tv, in books and songs everyday. (4m 38s)

Capturing the voices of both marginalised young people and tutors working in non-mainstream education provision, this film forms part of the Flourishing From the Margins research project. (8m 16s)

This short animated film introduces the Centre’s approach to character and virtues in society and asks the question ‘What would it take for society to truly flourish?’ (3m 04s)

University of Birmingham School Leavers (2017)
Can You Teach Character? (2017)
A Question of Character? (2015)

This film congratulates the first graduating class of the University of Birmingham School. The film captures the voices of students as they describe their journeys since joining the School in 2015. (3m 28s)

The question of whether character can be taught is explored with Professor Kristján Kristjánsson and Dr Tom Harrison. (15m 07s)

This documentary commissioned by the Jubilee Centre explores the place of character and virtues in the education of young people today, and in society at large. (49m 58s)

Jubilee Centre Impact Film (2015)
Give Thanks Give Back (2015)
Gratitude in Britain (2015)

This short film demonstrates how the Jubilee Centre has made a significant difference to how character virtues in Britain are now viewed and promoted. (3m 48s)

The Give Thanks-Give Back project explored the relationship between gratitude and service.This short documentary film has been produced to capture the work of the project and the ways in which people ‘give back’ to their community. (13m 16s)

This documentary commissioned by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues explores case studies of Gratitude Britain. It features Jubilee Centre academics: Professor Kristján Kristjánsson and Drs Liz Gulliford and Blaire Morgan. (29m 14s)

Knightly Virtues Film (2014)
Reflections on Gratitude (2014)
About the Jubilee Centre (2012)

This film explores the impact of the Knightly Virtues project on young people across the UK, captured from the perspective of parents, teachers and the young people themselves. (6m 47s)

This short film provides an insight into the work of the An Attitude for Gratitude project focusing on questions such as: What is gratitude? What is the nature of gratitude? What are the benefits of gratitude? and Is gratitude a moral virtue or obligation? (14m 21s)

A short film describing the work of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, showcasing highlights of the first year of “Gratitude Britain”. (5m 39s)

My Character (2012)
Thank You Film Awards Documentary (2013)
Jubilee Centre Launch (2012)
This film features the young people who made a significant contribution in developing and designing resources for the My Character project. (7m 12s)
The Thank You Film Awards was a national competition run by the Jubilee Centre between 2012 and 2015. (5m 44s)
A short film documenting the launch of the Jubilee Centre at the House of Lords in 2012 and the beginning of the Knightly Virtues project. (9m 58s)