Centre Hosts First Webinar in the ‘Fostering Personal and Social Virtues in Education’ Series

16th June 2021Events

On the 15th June 2021, the first webinar in the series, 'The Twin Ends Of Education: The Well-Being of the Community and the Fulfillment of the Individual' took place, which featured presentations from Professor John Haldane, Professor of Virtue Theory at the Jubilee Centre and Professor Candace Vogler, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. Additional contributions were also provided by discussant, Professor Holger Zaborowski, Chair of Philosophy at Erfurt University and chair of the Q&A session, Dr. Jörg Schulte-Altedorneburg, Managing Director at Porticus. 

A recording of the webinar and the papers discussed are available to view here. You can also register for the remaining events in the series here.

The papers discussed during the webinar are available to view below:



A recording of the webinar is available to view here:

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