Centre Hosts ‘Virtues in the Professions: A Panel Discussion’ Webinar

7th May 2021Events

The ‘Virtues in the Professions: A Panel Discussion’ webinar took place on 6th May and was chaired by Director of Strategic Initiatives Aidan Thompson, who convened a panel of leading professionals and professional educators to discuss the place of character and virtue in professional practice and education.

The panellists were Dr. Sabena Jameel (University of Birmingham), Professor David Bogle (University College London), and Dr. Scott Parsons (United States Military Academy West Point). The discussion considered the training of ethics and decision-making around ethical dilemmas that arise in practice in engineering, the military, and medicine, as well as what ethics means on a day-to-day basis, and how a focus on virtuous practice is applied within each profession.

The webinar was attended by professionals, students and educators, and a recording of the session, along with those of previous webinars in the series, can be viewed here.  

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