Centre Publishes Embedding Civic Character in Schools: A Practical Resource

17th August 2023civic character

The Jubilee Centre has published a new resource titled – Embedding Civic Character in Schools: A Practical Resource. Focusing on a caught, taught and sought approach to civic character, the resource builds on the Centre’s research on Civic Virtues Through Service to Others, identifying key practices and approaches taken by the schools who participated in the study. Throughout the Resource, extracts from interview data from school leaders collected through the project are included to provide a sense of schools’ work in embedding civic character. 

This research has particular focus on civic virtues and character education and how it can be utilised more widely to support school leaders, teachers, governors, and other stakeholders to educate all pupils for good citizenship as part of a schools’ character education provision.

The Resource starts from the following two important premises: First, that being a school of civic character must develop from the foundations of an intentional and embedded approach to character education more widely. Second, that being a school of civic character requires an intentional approach that includes an explicit language of character, including of civic virtues, that is used and is meaningful to the distinctive nature of the school community.

The resource can be downloaded here

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