Centre Staff Deliver 12 Presentations Throughout North America and the UK

Over the last month, members of the Jubilee Centre team have delivered 12 presentations at various institutions and convenings across the USA, Canada, and the UK. Highlights include a public lecture at Boston College by Professor Tom Harrison and keynote lectures by Professor Kristján Kristjánsson and Dr. Liz Gulliford at the KPCEL convening 2024, Boston. A full list of the presentations can be found below.

Professor Tom Harrison

  • Flourishing in the Digital Age”, public lecture, Boston College, Tuesday 12th March

Professor Kristján Kristjánsson

  • Teaching Practical Wisdom: New Developments”, invited lecture, Conference on Phronesis: Rationality and Practical Wisdom, University of Chicago, Friday 1st March
  • A Phronesis Framework: Latest Work from the Jubilee Centre”, invited lecture, A Kern National Network Convening: Transform Medicine, Millwaukee, Monday 4th March
  • Professional Phronesis in Medicine”, invited lecture, A Kern National Network Convening, Millwaukee, Tuesday 5th March
  • Teaching Phronesis: New Developments”, invited seminar presentation, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Guelph, Canada, Friday 8th March
  • Flourishing as the Aim of Education: New Developments, Criticisms, and Responses”, keynote lecture, MACE Residential, Boston, Monday 11th March
  • Phronesis: New Developments in Theory and Practice” (co-presenters Karen Bohlin and Jacquie Bryant), keynote lecture, KPCEL Convening: Artificial Intelligence and Practical Wisdom”, Boston, Wednesday 13th March
  • Flourishing as the Aim of Education: New Developments and the Relevance of Phronesis”, invited presentation, Conference on Character and Flourishing: Promoting Collaboration and Extending Impact”, Harvard Club, Friday 15th March

Dr. Liz Gulliford

  • Artificial Intelligence, Practical Wisdom, and Human Frailty” Dinner Lecture, KPCEL Convening 2024, Tuesday 12th March

Dr. Shane McLoughlin

  • Insights from Large-Scale Studies of Phronesis and Emerging Technologies” KPCEL Convening 2024, Wednesday 13th March

Michael Fullard

  • Character Education Leadership in Schools”, invited presentation, Bellevue Education Trust, Wednesday 28th February
  • Introduction to Character Education in Schools”, lecture, Primary PGDipEd, University of Birmingham, Thursday 21st March

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