Centre Staff Present at Inaugural Network for Research on Morality Conference

14th May 2021Conferences

The four-part inaugural conference for the Network for Research on Morality was opened by researchers from the Jubilee Centre. Professor Kristján Kristjánsson provided a general introduction to the neo-Aristotelian research focus of the Jubilee Centre, with a talk entitled ‘What Is Unique and Appealing about a Neo-Aristotelian Take on Character and Virtue?’. This was followed by Research Fellow Andrew Maile and Director of Strategic Initiatives Aidan Thompson, who presented on the Virtues in Policing project and the portfolio of research in the professions. Finally, Research Fellow Dr. Gianfranco Polizzi introduced the Cultivating Cyber-Phronesis project, which is based on the development and evaluation of a school intervention aimed at cultivating cyber-wisdom. A recording of this first part of the conference can be viewed here.

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