Centre Welcomes Expert Panel for ‘Civic Virtue, Community and The Common Good’ Webinar

20th September 2021Events Civic Virtues

As part of the Centre's 'Civic Virtues Through Service to Others' project, this public webinar – 'Civic Virtue, Community and The Common Good' – welcomed Jason Cowley, Editor of the New Statesman, Miriam Cates, Conservative MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge, and Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham and author of The Dignity of Labour, to evaluate the status of common good politics in Britain today. The speakers discussed the barriers posed by an increasingly polarised and intolerant political discourse, as well as the signs of hope of communities coming together witnessed over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chaired by UK Life Peer and Senior Centre Research Fellow, Lord James O’Shaughnessy, the speakers consider how the common good can be promoted in British politics through an emphasis on civic virtues, mutual aid and a positive vision of social justice which places the good of communities and human flourishing at its core.

A recording of this session is available below and the position paper which accompanies this webinar, presented as part of the Centre's Virtue Insight blog series, can be found here.

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