Character and Virtues in Professional Practice

13th January 2023Conference

The Jubilee Centre's 11th annual conference, Character and Virtues in Professional Practice, brought together 120 experts from a range of disciplines for three days of keynote and seminar sessions at Oriel College, Oxford, between 5th and 7th January 2023.


The conference was successful in its attempts to bring together an ever-increasing interest in wisdom and phronesis development in professional practice with more general research into young people’s character development and character education in schools. This was facilitated through the delivery of 50 different seminars from experts in the fields of philosophy, professional ethics, education, sociology, theology, history and psychology, to name a few.


Among the 50 seminar papers, keynote lectures were offered by Professor Robert McGrath (School of Psychology and Counseling, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Senior Scientist, VIA Institute on Character), Dr. David Walker (Associate Professor of Character Education, University of Alabama), and Dr. Sabena Y. Jameel (Associate Clinical Professor, University of Birmingham Medical School).

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